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on that memorable battle-field. Unknown to the
Asslnibolnes at that moment, we had In our band
a number of the Northern Blackfeet who took
part In that conflict against the Assinlboines. In
fact, Chief Atsistamokon was the Blackfoot medi-
cine-man who led the advance party against the

Mrs. Good Elk was a very beautiful woman
who had two tattoo marks running down from the
corners of her mouth to the edge of her chin, and
our Blackfoot warriors recognized her at once; for
she had been famous among all tribes of the plains
for her unusual looks. When they espied her
among the Assiniboines these Blackfoot warriors
went over and crowded around her and gave her
the Blackfoot greeting of pleasure used when one
has not seen a friend for a long time. They
raised their right hands and said: 'Hie-hle-hie-hie-
hieP Far from resenting the presence of her for-
mer enemies, Mrs. Good Elk was very pleased to
be greeted by them. She looked at them one by
one and smiled and nodded her head. And she
asked If the fellow were there who stabbed her.

What did this fellow look like?' asked Chief

'O-waya-washtayT she exclaimed, sweeping her
two hands down her face,    'Very good looking!5

'What would you do If you should see him
here?3 the chief asked.